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Shaping Southland's Landscape with Exceptional Concrete and Aggregate Solutions Since 1955

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At McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete, a cornerstone of the McGregor Concrete family, we pride ourselves on a legacy that spans nearly seven decades of serving Southland with unparalleled dedication.

Our journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, making us the premier provider of ready mix concrete, aggregates, and bespoke concrete services in Central, Western Southland, and Fiordland.

Concrete Services & Aggregate Southland, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete
Timely Delivery

Our commitment to quality is underscored by our ISO9001 certification and external validations, ensuring enduring results.

  • Ready Mix Concrete: Our advanced Gough Engineering Plant has the capability to produce up to 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour, promising prompt delivery for projects of any scale.
  • Aggregate Delivery: We offer a comprehensive range of aggregates, each batch rigorously tested and certified by an IANZ accredited Laboratory, ensuring the highest standards of quality for every application.
  • Dairy Lane Maintenance: Our expertise in dairy lane maintenance offers the agricultural sector resilient and efficient infrastructure solutions, enhancing farm productivity.

Residential Construction

We provide comprehensive solutions for residential construction, including house floor slabs, polished concrete, and driveways, executed with precision and care.

Concrete Services & Aggregate Southland, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete
Concrete Services & Aggregate Southland, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete

Commercial Projects

Our commercial services cater to the dynamic needs of modern construction, from warehouse floors to precast panels.

Agricultural Developments

Supporting the backbone of Southland, we supply concrete for dairy sheds, vet races, wintering sheds, and more, fostering robust agricultural practices.

Concrete Services & Aggregate Southland, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete
Concrete Services & Aggregate Southland, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete

Customised Finishes

From exposed aggregate to colored and stamped concrete, we specialize in unique finishes that bring creative visions to reality.

About Us

A Tradition of Innovation

Founded in 1955, McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete embodies a tradition of excellence and forward-thinking in the concrete industry. As a vital component of the McGregor Concrete Company, we carry forward a legacy of superior quality, producing top-tier ready mix concrete and aggregate products, alongside offering extensive maintenance services. Our ethos of local ownership and operation ensures a personalized approach to customer service, guaranteeing satisfaction and superior quality with every order.

Our offerings encompass a wide array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients
Our Reach

Serving Southland and Beyond

McGregors Wreys Bush Concrete's services extend from Fiverivers to Invercargill, ensuring that our top-notch concrete and aggregate solutions are accessible to a broad clientele. With a dedicated fleet for deliveries, we're equipped to meet your needs across Southland.

Sustainability at Our Core

In 2010, we embarked on a significant upgrade with the introduction of a New Gough Engineering Plant, bolstering our production capabilities while emphasizing our commitment to the environment. Our operations are enhanced by an automated, computer-controlled batching system and an eco-friendly approach to dust suppression and recycling, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices.