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We supply and Deliver a Vast array of different Gravels, Crushed, Screened, Washed you ask for it We will have It, and Chances are If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock we can most of the time make it for you.

Crusher Dust for Stock Lanes a zero to 5mm crushed fine sand good for well-shaped and formed existing Lanes helps preserve the top surface and shape of lane also providing a comfortable surface for Stock to walk on.

Small Pea Gravel used as an initial sealer of newly formed lanes this 4-7mm washed rounded pea gravel pushes into the top surface of clay lanes to stabilize the top of the clay, which can then be dressed with Crusher dust in seasons to come.

Concrete Gravel Got a small DIY project around the cow shed or Sheep yards? We can supply and deliver premium grade washed, mixed concrete gravel even bags of Cement if Required.

Washed 19 or 40mm Round Stone for Tile or Nova flow drains around the farm, this washed clean stone is ideal for drains letting excess water flow freely through the stones to the intended drain.

Special Pothole mix can be made to order to fix those problem potholes in unsealed Tanker entrances and driveways, fixing those potholes for good.

A full range of Crushed AP (All products) 65mm, 40mm, and 20mm is Available for road maintenance and the forming of new tracks.

A 10 tonne Grader is available to hire with an experienced operator for the maintenance of Lanes
and Tracks.